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Chairman's Global Recognition: Lead Magazine Cover Story

Online, LEAD magazine, is acknowledged as providing its readers with the latest information and advice regarding diversity and equality in the workplace.

Connecting with people who can help their readers achieve career and business goals, they reached out to our Chairman, Mr Graeme Clegg for his insights.

In this their 3rd magazine, Graeme shares his incredible determination to succeed by following a lesson he learnt early in life, to "never work for someone else". Establishing a successful business, which saw him shear over a million sheep in his 22-year history, Graeme went on to set the world shearing record on the 12th of December 1968.

The penny dropped when his mentor said that it was mental muscle that created wealth NOT physical muscle.

His decision to research the health benefits of colostrum and then go on to develop a global company is an inspiration to us all. This article delves into Graeme’s journey, his decision to sell through the “heart to heart” connection of direct selling and why “high touch” is so valuable in this industry.

Today New Image™ is recognised as a quality label in the nutrition field, with products backed by science. With two specialised state of the art manufacturing plants located in New Zealand, New Image™ continues to dominate the colostrum and nutritional sector. Their coreline product Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline is consumed globally every 4 seconds.

As Graeme himself has said “I have been humbled to have been recognised as the "Colostrum King" or The Father of Colostrum”. Click here to discover, how Graeme Clegg journeyed from sheep shearer to building a global empire.