New Image International:The History of Colostrum

The History of Colostrum


An ancient secret for modern times

Revered throughout history colostrum is nature’s first food – the pre-milk fluid a breastfeeding mother provides her new-born to assist the baby’s healthy development. It contains a number of immune components, including antibodies, growth factors, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Because colostrum is non-species specific, humans may benefit from taking bovine colostrum long after birth - throughout childhood, adulthood and into their senior years. Bovine colostrum has been shown to support digestive health, healthy immunity and natural resistance to bugs, germs and viruses that may come our way. Ancient civilizations knew and worshipped colostrum as the special gift of nature.

Now, more than ever, we are facing immune challenges which mean it is vital to ensure our families immunity is strong. Colostrum was used in earliest times by many cultures for sustenance as well as to treat and prevent illness. In ‘The Book of Sirach’ (written some time between 300-275 BC), reference is made to this 'first milk' from a female animal who had just given birth and was listed with wheat, honey, salt, water, fire and iron as the necessities for life.

Ayurvedic physicians of India have successfully been using colostrum for medicinal purposes for over 2000 years, The Hebrews referred to colostrum as ‘new milk’. In the Old Testament, the word ‘halab’ appears, which referred to colostrum as ‘nature’s perfect food’

Colostrum is recorded to have been used in Ancient Egypt where it was seen as an immortal ingredient for increasing strength and healing the body. Queen Cleopatra was also said to use Colostrum, could this be why her skin was so luminous?

Even from as far away as Scandinavia, for hundreds of years, they have celebrated the birth of calves with a pudding made from colostrum and honey. This pudding is well known for its health-promoting effects.

Before the invention of sulpha drugs and antibiotics, colostrum was widely used for its antibiotic properties. Albert Sabin, the physician credited with developing the first polio vaccine advocated the use of colostrum and originally isolated anti-polio antibodies from bovine colostrum.

Today, interest and research into the anti-pathogenic properties of colostrum are ramping up, due to the increase in antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogens. These can lead to serious and sometimes fatal infections. There have now been over 2000 scientific articles published that document the safety and efficacy of using colostrum to treat a wide range of conditions. This really is a superfood!

It is important to pay attention to the past and ensure we don’t forget the secrets that have kept people safe for generations. As societies, we have always looked to the natural world to help us survive and stay well. Today should be no exception – colostrum has proved itself over thousands of years. Prevention is after all the best cure!

New Image™ International are world leaders in colostrum. We’ve been in this business since 1984 - Our focus on innovation and drive to deliver the best health and nutritional products has created the very best colostrum and nutritional products possible. A lot of the infectious and degenerative diseases go hand in hand with an impaired immune system. This can often occur years before the actual disease is diagnosed. Studies show that colostrum contains immune factors that work to help restore a properly functioning immune system. Colostrum’s main components contains immune factors which can regulate the immune response, growth factors to help to repair damaged cells and anti-inflammatory factors to reduce inflammation Colostrum is nature’s perfect food, packed with nourishment – immune tonics, growth factors and a unique balance of vitamins and minerals.

Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ your perfect breakfast drink.

Combining colostrum and probiotics for powerful immune and digestive support to help you feel balanced, healthy and strong. With over 1 billion probiotics, 1000mg of calcium, vitamins & minerals we can add this to our favourite morning smoothie (over five, due to the added vitamins and minerals). Calcium is essential for growing bones. Probiotics encourage a healthy digestive system by supporting normal gut flora.

The Alpha Lipid™ difference

There are many factors that contribute to great quality colostrum – but there’s no point in having a great quality product if it is going to be damaged during the digestive process. We’ve worked hard to source quality colostrum and created leading manufacturing techniques that minimally process it so our colostrum products retain more than 90% of the active immunoglobulin, but we’ve gone one, vital step further than that.

To protect the important bioactive components of our colostrum products through the harsh digestive process we’ve created a special patented liposomal delivery system. You know this as the ‘Alpha Lipid™ difference’.

So just what is Alpha Lipid™ and how does it work?

First of all, let’s explain what liposomal is. It’s the encapsulation of a substance (colostrum in this case) in a double layered fat molecule, technically referred to as a phospholipid bi-layer; essentially it creates a coating around the colostrum. This coating is made from a type of fat called phospholipid which is derived from milk and replicates the globules in milk produced by mammary glands. This has two key benefits; firstly it protects the delicate bioactive substances from the harsh environment of your digestive tract. Secondly because the phospholipid bi-layer is both water and fat soluble it also supports optimal absorption and dispersion of the colostrum and any other nutrients it is coating.

Alpha Lipid Technology

The Alpha Lipid™ difference delivers nutrients into your body just as nature intended.