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Healthy and Happy Bellies

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New Image International: Healthy Living Articles

Why Diets Fail

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New Image International: Healthy Living Articles

Heart Health

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Colostrum and Sport

Athletes need to be able to recover quickly.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, you want to perform at your best. Studies indicate that bovine colostrum supports many processes in the body and may offer a solution to natural support for healthy physical performance.

For all sports people strength, speed, endurance, motivation and determination are essential elements to success. Those performing at competition level regularly push the boundaries of their body and mind; they need to be able to recover quickly from intense training, physical injury and prevent illness.

A good diet along with key supplements play an important part in the o…

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Can you be Slim and Unhealthy?

It’s interesting the stereotypes and generalisations we make as a society. Take for example weight.

There hasn’t been an era where judgements haven’t been made about a person based on their weight – excessive or deficient. Carrying excess weight used to be a sign of wealth; essentially the poor could not afford enough food to become overweight. Since the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of mass production commercially made food, canning and better transport infrastructure, the relative price and availability of food has given people with lower incomes increased access to food. This of course has had many great benefits, but as we’ve developed so too has the quality of processed food and not for the better – typically it is devoid of nutrients and high in fat, sugar, salt or calo…

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Melatonin – The answer for a Good Night's Sleep

If you have sleeping problems, you’ve probably heard of melatonin.

It’s the hormone your body makes every night to kick start sleep. It’s also marketed as a supplement, to top up your natural melatonin – the idea being, this will give you a better night’s sleep. But taking a hormone is not without risks. Before you consider a melatonin supplement, read on.

Melatonin is activated when it’s dark. Remember, part of your sleep plan is to pull the curtains to make your bedroom really dark. For more information see Healthy Choices Issue No.2 “Are You Getting Enough?” That’s because the darkness signals your body to release melatonin, sometimes called the ‘hormone of darkness’.

Melatonin is released from your pinea…

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Building Strong Immunity

Avoiding getting sick in the first place is really the ideal situation… Prevention is after all the best cure.

It’s that time again where we need to start looking at how we can strengthen our immune system for the up-coming winter ills and chills season. Most of us are all too aware of the familiar signs of falling ill – a sore throat, swollen, runny and stuffy nose, increased mucus production, sneezing and generally feeling like we could sleep for days. These symptoms are a direct result of the body trying to rid itself of the bugs, typically they will last for 3-7 days.
While there are many things you can do to help with these symptoms, avoiding getting sick in the first place is really the ideal situation…prevention is after all the best cure. Every system in the body – including the immune system will respond…

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Bovine Colostrum

Naturally Healthy Resistance to Ills and Chills

Bovine colostrum has been shown to support digestive health, healthy immunity and natural resistance to bugs, germs and viruses.

Many of us are looking for natural ways to remain healthy this winter. Colostrum offers support for a healthy immune system, primed to resist the variety of bugs, ills and chills we may be exposed to.
Colostrum is nature’s first food – the pre-milk fluid a breastfeeding mother provides her newborn to assist the baby’s healthy development. It contains a number of immune components, including antibodies, growth factors, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Now, sc…

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Protect your family this winter

Colostrum and Lactose

Colostrum - How might it benefit my health

Building Strong Immunity

Stem Cells and Colostrum – The Latest Research

Re-Calibrate your body for Optimal Health

The human body is truly wondrous.

From the enormous growth and neurological development that takes us from birth to fully functioning adults, to the continual monitoring of our surroundings by the immune system and so much more, the human body is a highly intelligent organism.

So why then, do we suffer from disease and illness? To be honest, in most cases it’s not a design fault of the body but much more likely a result of our environment – that is things such as diet, lifestyle, daily habits, increased stress, poor sleep, pollution, suboptimal nutrients in modern foods and lack of regular physical activity.
Over the dec…

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Staying Sharp – Nutrients to support Brain Health

Sleep – Are you getting enough?

The Digestive System

Strong Healthy Bones

Early Childhood Nutrition

Digestive Health

Most of us are unaware of the digestive processes going on while we’re enjoying favourite foods but as we munch away, our taste-buds, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small and large intestines are all working on digestion.

Good digestive health means the food we eat is broken down efficiently, used by our bodies to produce energy or removed as waste which brings us to one of the less savoury topics of digestive health – bowel irregularity and discomfort. Many people experience these on a regular basis and it can be both inconvenient and embarrassing.

It is estimated that in the United States alone, 42 million people are affected and in many Europ…

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Having Enough Energy

Sugar – Just how much is too much?

Protein – For Strong Healthy Bodies

Why you should choose a Ketogenic Diet

Diet - History over the years

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